Tucker Dismantles Idiot Lib Guest Who Says Men Are ‘Toxic’ And It Makes Them Terrorists

Liberals like to think that they are intellectuals, but often their thinking makes zero sense. They also love to paint conservatives as people who ignore facts, and yet liberals are usually the ones making completely baseless comments that have little or no connection to reality.

In a truly strange example of this, a feminist woman came on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News and argued with a straight face that women are objectively better than men. Thankfully, Tucker set her straight about how bigoted that view is.

The guest, a magazine publisher named Cathy Arau, stated to Carlson, “Women are better, unfortunately. We are not the murderers of our society. We are not committing the crimes. We commit less than 20 percent of the crimes. So actually, men are not as good as women. We are actually better. We’re safer…”

Tucker answered, tripping her up with her own dumb liberal ideas, “But what about men who transition to women? So if a man says–if he’s got a terrible case of toxic masculinity, he’s on his death bed dying from toxic masculinity.” She replied, “Right.” Carlson then asked, “…and he says, bam, I’m a woman now, does it cure him?” Cathy responded, “Well I would hope so. He would be the better gender, so I hope so.”

Tucker later inquired, “So if there’s toxic masculinity, that suggests the polar, right, toxic femininity. What would that look like? How prevalent is that?” Cathy answered, “Well, sugar, spice and everything nice, that’s what it’s like to be a girl. But boys will be boys, and that’s what we’re raising. We’re raising boys to think they should be more powerful and stronger…maybe we’re just not raising them right. Why are women supposed to be nonviolent?” Carlson then asked, “Is there such a thing as toxic femininity?” Cathy replied, “No, we do no wrong. Women do no wrong.” Do you think this woman is clearly sexist? Watch below:


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