NAACP Now Wants To Ban The National Anthem Completely Because It’s ‘Racist’

Liberals who defended protesting NFL players have argued that the players kneeling during the National Anthem before games has nothing to do with the National Anthem itself. They claim that kneeling during the song is really about protesting police brutality against African-Americans.

However, this was all proven a lie recently when the California chapter of the NAACP declared that it wants to get rid of the National Anthem altogether because they believe that it is somehow “anti0black.”

Explained Alice Huffman, who is the leader of California NAACP, “This song is wrong; it shouldn’t have been there, we didn’t have it ’til 1931, so it won’t kill us if it goes away. It’s racist; it doesn’t represent our community, it’s anti-black.”

She then praised original anthem kneeler Colin Kaepernick, saying, “We owe a lot of it to Kaepernick. I think all this controversy about the knee will go away once the song is removed.” Huffman and her group are currently urging Congress to scrap the current song and replace it with a new National Anthem.

The NAACP leader then went on and lied and claimed that wanted to get rid of the National Anthem has nothing to do with the American flag. She stated, “This is not about the flag. We love the flag. This is about a song that should never have been the national anthem. This country is a country that has shared values, and the more we respect each other, the better off we’ll be as a country. The message got distorted, the real intentions got overlooked, it became something that’s dividing us, and I’m looking for something to bring us back together.” Do you think that they will say the flag is “racist” next, and try to get rid of it?


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