Pat Sajak posted one tweet and crushed Jimmy Kimmel

Pat Sajak, the anchor of “Wheel of Fortune”, attacked Jimmy Kimmel for his moralizing campaign on Twitter, against conservatives.

The media published headlines with Kimmel’s “emotional” support of gun control in the aftermath of Las Vegas shooting, which is a proven formula that works for him as it was with Obamacare. On the Late-Night Show, he stated:

“This morning, we have children without parents and fathers without sons, mothers without daughters. We lost two police officers. We lost a nurse from Tennessee. A special-ed teacher from a local school here in Manhattan Beach.

It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to throw up or give up. It’s too much to even process — all these devastated families who now have to live with this pain forever because one person with a violent and insane voice in his head managed to stockpile a collection of high-powered rifles and use them to shoot people.”

For the ones who are not so informed, Kimmel as CNN reported, has become “America’s conscience,” after his support of Obamacare and change of legislation regarding gun control:

And the only problem isn’t that Kimmel has became adopted spokesman of media for sound public policy, there is another problem: Kimmel is just a man who has a late-night show. He is just making jokes about the culture and also teaches children how their parents trick them on Halloween night.

Daily Wire published the post that Pat Sajak shared on Twitter to explain the irony of his self-important presentation.

Anyhow, it’s obvious that this is sarcasm. Very heavy, clear and unshameful sarcasm.

Stephen Miller, a Fox News contributor makes the concise point:

It is about time that the celebrities like Ariana Grande, Amy Schumer and Lady Gaga acknowledge that we all are upset just as they are. Just as we are upset about high insurance rates of Obamacare, mass shooting and Las Vegas massacre.

But the most Americans can’t recognize that only moralizing isn’t helping and it’s not an argument that is based on proves and facts.

The Americans don’t think that their personal emotions can exceed the political debate in a nation that is so complex and includes over 300 million people.

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