Bill Nye Literally Just Said ‘I’m a Failure!’ And Admitted Defeat About Global Warming

Bill Nye the “Science Guy” has been one of the most vocal of all the liberal celebrities who have gone into hysterics about the environment, decrying every common sense effort to use our country’s wealth of natural resources for the betterment of all Americans.

It looks like Republican Donald Trump’s election victory and his reversal of former President Barack Obama’s disastrous and wasteful policies has proved too much for the television host. In a recent interview, he admitted that he is a “failure” in his leftist quest to stop the fossil fuel industry.

Exclaimed Nye, who does not in fact have a science degree or any experience working in scientific research, “I am a failure!” He added, “We’ve done virtually nothing (about global warming) all this time.”

He then repeated the worn-out smear about EPA head Scott Pruitt supposedly sabotaging his own department, saying, “The United States has now got the head of the EPA who wants to close the EPA.” He then complained that people have not been listening to his warnings because members of the fossil fuel industry “have worked so hard to introduce doubt.”

Despite his “failure,” Nye still tried to whip up support for the left’s agenda, declaring, “What I tell everybody is, ‘vote,’ we don’t want everybody to be a scientist — that would be unwieldy. We need accountants and artists, filmmakers, journalists — but we want everybody to appreciate science… (and) the value of science to your everyday life, to the economy of whatever country you live in and to the future of humankind as we face the biggest challenge so far.” Do you think the fake “Science Guy” should finally give it up for good?

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