“Older White Men Are A Problem” Star Of ‘Precious’ Goes On ‘The View’ To Make Racist Speech

Gabourey Sidibe, star of the movie ‘Precious’, went onto ‘The View’ and ranted about how evil ‘older white men’ are. And for whatever reason, Joy Behar was loving it. According to the actress, where ever she goes, random old white men are mistreating her.

“Um, yeah. I think what happens is, one, I am — I think people think I’m younger than I am, and I’m black, and I have a different body so people discount me no matter where I go if they don’t recognize me from, like, movies, from being a star. They just assume I’m not supposed to be there,” explained Sidibe.

“That happens in high-end stores, not always, but it happens. Also it happens — the worst, like the most offensive to me is — and this is going to sound chi chi — but first class, like on airplanes. It’s the worst, because there’s always some older white man who’s like ‘you’re in the wrong line, hun,’” she continued.

“And I’m like, here’s my ticket. You’re in the wrong line! Sorry, don’t discount me. Don’t you stop me,” said Sidibe. “They really do that, don’t they,” said Joy Behar, perhaps a little too excited.

“They do and they are rude to white women. Older white men are a problem, y’all, for everyone. We’re all at risk,” said Sidibe. Check out the video below.

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