Michelle Malkin Crushes CNN’s Jake Tapper For Saying She Is Not A ‘Human’ Because She Disagrees With HIm

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin squared off against CNN’s Jake Tapper over liberals reactions to Harvey Weinstein. In an attempt to distance themselves from the Democratic donor whose sexual assaults were an ‘open secret’ in Hollywood and the White House, Democrats have been sharing “#MeToo” stories. The “#MeToo” social media status indicates that you have experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault in your life.

However, as Michelle Malkin points out, these “Me too’s” are useless if their are no names attached to them and no evidence. She is also unwilling to blindly believe anyone who uses this hashtag.

“No. I do not believe every woman who is now standing up to “share her story” or “tell her truth.” I owe no blind allegiance to any other woman simply because we share the same pronoun. Assertions are not truths until they are established as facts and corroborated with evidence. Timing, context, motives and manner all matter,” wrote Michelle Malkin.

After saying this Malkin get attacked on twitter. “TIMING DOES NOT MATTER. What matters is what is best for EACH INDIVIDUAL victim. You should be ashamed of yourself,” wrote one user. “People coming forward should be applauded,” said CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“But applauding people for “coming forward” is not a journalistic tenet. It’s an advocacy tenet. Tapper responded that he was expressing the sentiment as a “human being not as a journalist.” Last time I checked, humans have brains. The Weinstein scandal is not an excuse to turn them off and abdicate a basic responsibility to assess the credibility of accusers. It’s an incontrovertible fact that not all accusers’ claims are equal,” wrote Michelle Malkin.

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