Matt Damon Dangerously Riles Up Libs, ‘There Needs To Be A Reckoning’ For Racism

Democrat Barack Obama had a disastrous presidency on many fronts, but perhaps his worst legacy was the way he divided our country on racial lines and encouraged hateful liberal groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa to come into being and to grow unchecked.

Our country desperately needs prominent people to speak up and bridge the divides that have been widened, particularly between races. Instead, left-wing Hollywood actors have been using their celebrity to stoke anger and fear in liberal groups.

A recent example of this happened when multi-millionaire actor Matt Damon spoke with the Associated Press to promote his new George Clooney-directed movie Suburbicon. Damon decided to make his interview all about race.

Said Damon, to the reporter, “We’ve never really reckoned with the issue of race in this country. We just haven’t. It’s almost like the Civil War ended and kind of like the child in a divorce. Like, you know, a conflict-averse child. ‘Okay, okay, it’s over, let’s not talk about that ever again.’ And that’s obviously not what needed to happen.”

He then stated, dangerously, “There needs to be a reckoning, a true one.  And that’s how we’ll make progress, and move forward.” Do you think it is deeply irresponsible for pampered celebrity Matt Damon to try and rile up liberals like this? Watch below:


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