$20 Million Woman Gretchen Carlson Just Said Women’s Voices Are ‘Never Heard By Anybody’


Former Fox News personality and Fox & Friends host was given $20 million in “go away” money by Fox News. Gretchen, who can lead a lavish lifestyle for the rest of her life with the money she earned at Fox News plus this $20 million is somehow still complaining about her treatment there.

Carlson, who clearly misses being in the media spotlight, just published a book called Be Fierce, where she documents how she somehow was in contact with “thousands” of women who she feels are in the same boat as she is in. The crucial difference here is, of course, that she has $20 million and they don’t.

Claimed ultra-rich Carlson, who does not have any plans to share her money with these women,  “It’s an excruciating choice to come forward. But when I jumped off my cliff, you know what happened? I started hearing from thousands of women” whose voices “were never heard by anybody . . . It’s not just TV and Hollywood, it’s everywhere.”

She continued, “The majority of the women that reached out to me, their stories were so horrific — on the scale of Harvey Weinstein kind of stories. These women lost their jobs, never worked in their chosen career field ever again, and we should all be outraged by that, that we are taking away the American dream from women because of some random jerks who can’t control themselves on a power trip in the work place.”

She then claimed that other non-harassed men and women were to blame and scolded them, saying, “stop being enablers.” This woman who got $20 million somehow then compared her situation to 9/11, saying, “Please stop being bystanders and come forward and help the women get the courage to speak up and when you see something, say something. We’ve heard that about 9/11 but it’s applicable to the work place too. That’s the only way we’re really going to change this, if men help us along.” Are you glad Carlson is gone from Fox News?

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