Meghan McCain Just Gave Pelosi The Look Of Death After One Stupid Thing She Said, It’s Priceless

ABC’s deeply biased liberal political talk show The View has a long history of using soft Republicans to serve as the token conservative on the show, useful only as punching bags by the show’s army of leftist hosts, including Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg.

Some people suspected that with Meghan McCain joining the show in that slot it would be much the same, given who Meghan’s father is. However, Meghan has proven to be a sharp opponent for her liberal co-hosts and for the slow-witted Democrats that they bring on the program as guests.

This was in evidence recently when legendary Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi came on The View, clearly with the anticipation that it would be friendly territory for her. However, she was susrprisingly pressed on how the Democratic Party has become deeply divided.

Said Nancy in response, ridiculously, “Well, let me, with all due respect, disagree with you — there is not a fracture in our party similar to what’s happening in the Republican Party. My party has always been a dynamic party. It is not a rubber stamp party. … That’s the vitality of it.”

She then claimed that she “can name an overwhelming number of people” among the Democrats who want her to stay as the Democrats’ House leader, and added, “I feel very confident in what I’m doing and the support that I have, but please don’t think that it is anything like the fracture that is in the Republican Party.” Meghan McCain then gave Pelosi what can only be described as the look of death, and rebuked her, saying, “That’s from winning, though. I mean, President Trump is in the White House, so there’s a breakdown someplace.” How much do you love Meghan for this? Watch below:

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