Black Lives Matter Extremist Makes It Racial, Just Called Las Vegas Shooter A ‘White Terrorist’

The recent mass shooting in Las Vegas that claimed 58 innocent people’s lives was undeniably a true horror story come to life and an unspeakable tragedy. What can also be confidently said about the sad event was that it had nothing to do with race.

After all, murderer Steve Paddock was white, and he fired into a crowd of people outside that was mostly white, and the music festival that these concertgoers were attending featured mostly white performers.

However, liberals cannot see anything happening these days as not being racially related, and one leader of Black Lives Matter just publicly tried to bring race into a discussion of the massacre in a truly ridiculous way.

Patrisse Cullors co-founded the group Black Lives Matter, whose associates have been charged with the killings of several police officers. Nonetheless, MSNBC host Joy Reid saw fit to bring this woman onto her show AM Joy. On the program, Cullors did not disappoint, claiming, “Black people are over-policed, over-criminalized, over-incarcerated without being activists.”

She then brought the totally unrelated Las Vegas mass shooting into the discussion, continuing, “And when you add the activist on top of that, we are being surveilled, we are being criminalized for our activism and we are being targeted by local law enforcement and we’re being targeted now by the federal government.” He then tried to paint lone gunman Paddock as a white terrorist, saying, “And I think that’s a shame, especially when we see people like in Las Vegas, the white domestic terrorist who killed over 60 people. This government is focusing on the wrong group of people.” Do you think it’s absurd she’s trying to politicize the Las Vegas massacre tragedy by making it about race? Watch below:

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