Rush Just Pointed Out The Huge Problem With Dubya’s ‘Anti-Trump’ Speech

Love him or hate him, one thing that can be said for certain about former Republican President George W. Bush is that he is a member of the American political establishment. After all, his own father was also President and his brother Jeb served as Governor of Florida.

Despite the fact that President Donald Trump is also a Republican, Bush clearly decided that it was in the best interest of wing of the party to publicly slam Trump. After all, Trump and his allies such as Steve Bannon have posed a strong threat to the Republican establishment.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh listened to Bush’s nasty speech where he took barely-hidden swipes at Trump, and he noticed one big thing that was missing from his 16 minute address. Said Rush, George “did not say much of anything for the eight years of the regime of Barack Hussein O. He didn’t write a letter. He often said, ‘Hey, I had my eight years. I’m not gonna comment on my successor. It’s not the way we former presidents do things.”

Instead, said Limbaugh, “He’s calling out Trump voters. What is this, the George W. Bush version of Hillary’s deplorables?” He also called out Bush for trying to tout the “dynamism” that the influx of immigrants has brought to the United States. Said Rush, “I have a stat. I saw this the other day … It shocked me, but then when I stopped and thought about it, it had to be true.”

He continued, “The U.S. immigrant population has hit a record 43.7 million in 2016. One-out-of-5.5 — one out of five and a half — Americans is an immigrant, legal and illegal combined. One out of five. That’s not dynamism. That is an invasion that has been ignored and you might even say covered up.” Do you agree with Limbaugh about Bush’s speech? Listen below:

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