James Woods Summarizes Megyn Kelly’s Downfall In One Sentence After Pathetic NBC ‘Dance Off’

It’s almost sad what Megyn Kelly has been reduced to. Almost. In a recent episode of her Today show, she got up and had a silly dance off. The Washington Post slammed her with a brutal headline. “Megyn Kelly tries dancing for ratings as her ‘Today’ show continues to falter,” they wrote.

Megyn Kelly dances pathetically around the stage and the internet is laughing at her. Both liberals and Conservatives. “Hoda was on #MegynKellyToday this morning for no reason other than to fill time and I’ve never been so embarrassed,” tweeted Buzzfeeds Kate Aurthur. Aurthur also pointed out that “Megyn Kelly’s ratings are Not Good.”

“This is sad to watch. Megyn Kelly’s career was testament to women rising in hard political news. Now she is doing cruddy NBC morning stuff,” wrote LifeZette reporter Jim Stinson. “I feel nothing but second-hand embarrassment for Megyn Kelly,” wrote Daily Caller writer Ian Miles Cheong.

However, James Woods brought up another great point. “Lots can happen in a year,” wrote Woods. It is so simple yet so true.

Variety reported on Kelly’s ratings. “Her ratings aren’t even close to those of her predecessors, Tamron Hall and Al Roker, compared to their show during the same time-slot last year. During her debut week, Kelly’s show was down 12 percent in total viewership from that time slot last year. The second week brought in 24 percent fewer viewers, and the third week saw a 23 percent smaller audience, according to Nielsen data obtained by Variety,” they wrote. Check out the video below.

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