Hillary Just Admitted ‘Perhaps’ She Could Have Done 1 Thing Better For White Voters

People thought that the November 16 election would bring a landslide victory for Democrat Hillary Clinton for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that she had the built-in support of most minorities, who represent an ever-growing chunk of the American eletorate.

All Hillary needed to crush her brash-talking businessman opponent was to hold on to white voters in the groups that traditionally lean Democrat, such as women and members of labor unions, particularly in the “blue wall” states in the midwest.

Of course that did not happen, as the majority of white women and a surprising number of whites in the Rust Belt ended up changing political party allegiances and casting their vote for change agent Trump. Only now, nearly a year after the election, she has come to grips about how she could have done a better job courting the white vote.

Stated Hillary recently during an interview on the podcast The Economist Asks, “Forget about the white men’s vote! But I think I myself could have perhaps done a better job in reaching out and reassuring women and white voters in general, and I think I was on my way to winning as I say in the book, until Jim Comey’s letter, aided and abetted by the Russian WikiLeaks information weaponisation.”

She then actually admitted that she does not blame Caucasian voters of being skeptical about her after then-FBI Director Jim Comey reopened the probe in her email server. Said Hillary, “So I don’t blame voters for feeling like okay, it’s okay to vote for me, but then having something interrupt that thought process and their decision being put on hold and eventually going against me.” Are you relieved clueless Hillary lost?

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