Dem Rep Just Told Women It’s Their Fault Bill And Harvey Sexually Abused Them, It’s Truly Sick

The Democratic party always claims to be the party that’s on the vanguard of women’s issues and tries to smear Republicans by saying that they’re waging a “war against women.”

It’s strange, then, that Democratic women have been working so hard to cover for Democratic men with histories of sexually assaulting women. Recently, a Democratic congresswoman named Eddie Bernice Johnson from Texas just claimed that women who got assaulted by liberal movie producer Harvey Weinstein were actually partly at fault and said that it’s “the responsibility of the female” to prevent sexual abuse.

NBC asked Rep. Johnson to respond to Weinstein’s assults against women and she answered, “I grew up in a time when it was as much the woman’s responsibility as it was a man’s ― how you were dressed, what your behavior was. I’m from the old school that you can have behaviors that appear to be inviting. It can be interpreted as such. That’s the responsibility, I think, of the female. I think that males have a responsibility to be professional themselves.”

She then blamed women for allowing it to happen, saying, “I think we also need to start talking about the power that women have to control the situation. There’s law enforcement, you can refuse to cooperate with that kind of behavior. I think that many times, men get away with this because they are allowed to get away with it by the women.”

Later, she contradicted everything she just said by stating, “Ultimately, we need to unequivocally support the victims of sexual assault and harassment as best we can while working to hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions.” Do you think Democrats like Johnson are harming women more than they are helping them?

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