Trump launches attack against Comey, Clinton

This Wednesday, President Donald Trump once again took it to his favorite Social Media website, Twitter, to unload some harsh criticism at former FBI Director James Comey, writing that he “totally protected Hillary Clinton” after it was officially confirmed by the FBI that their former director drafted a statement on the private email case against Clinton just two months before it was over.

The president’s remarks came after the scandalous revelation of the FBI shook the nation, revealing that Comey had started penning a statement regarding the Clinton email investigation, months before he interviewed the failed presidential candidate as well as other key witnesses.

The release of the information only confirmed the claims and suspicions of the critics that Comey was drafting an “exoneration statement” before he finalized the case and recommended against criminal charges. But despite the documents being released, the contents of the newly-released emails were largely redacted.

The whole thing caused major controversy among both conservative supporters, as well as Republicans, Democrats and leftist supporters, all of which who considered Comey’s move to be bold and unacceptable, urging the court to face him with charges of lying in front of Congress.

And while President Donald Trump quickly issued a response on the matter, the White House still hasn’t released an official response documents revealing what the next step will be in fixing the injustice that had been done back in the post-election days prior the firing of Comey and Hillary’s hiding period, but a response is expected to be released soon.


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