Rush Limbaugh Eviscerates John McCain For His Vile Speech Against President Trump

John McCain indirectly attacked President Trump in a speech about ‘spurious nationalism’. Rush Limbaugh didn’t like this one bit and attacked him for it.

“This is the problem. What you’re missing, sir, about this nationalism that you despise is its real intention is to once again assert this leadership of the world, to assert this guiding light and beacon of freedom. Because for way too many recent years people in your club have been buying into the notion that whatever the United States has been doing the last 75 years has been hurting people. The United States is the problem,” said Limbaugh.

“The United States is blamed for climate change. What is that? Destroying the planet, no less! United States is blamed for this, it’s blamed for that. We have to sit here and listen to how socialist and communist worlds and nations are much preferable to ours,” said Limbaugh.

“What world do we lead? The United Nations exists to fleece the United States, to blame the United States. Barack Obama openly admitted that his purpose was to transform the United States, which means cut it down to size,” he said.

“Senator McCain, with all due respect, you’ve got this totally backwards. Your club or members in your club were actively presiding over the decline of the United States as a leader in the world, as a beacon of freedom. Your definition of open and leading the world is to open our borders and let the disadvantaged race in! Sorry. That’s not what leadership of the world means,” said Limbaugh. Check out the video below.

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