MSNBC Makes Multiple Claims That President Trump Is A ‘Destroyer’

MSNBC has compared President Trump to Hitler, ISIS, the KKK, 9/11, Kim Jong Un, Stalin and more. It turns out when you run out of horrible things to compare our President to, all that is left is to call him a ‘destroyer.’ Multiple MSNBC reporters talked about President Trump this way.

“It’s really pathetic. You know, this is a guy who’s supposedly a builder in the private sector. Now all he is is a destroyer. He just wants to take down anything that Barack Obama did. That’s no way to govern. We need some continuity in this country, and our allies expect it. Even Vladimir Putin thinks he’s wrong on Iran,” said MSNBC analyst Jonathan Alter.

“In Washington this week, America saw just how destructive President Trump can be. He’s threatening a nuclear deal with Iran, killing Obamacare, engine up the heat with North Korea and telling Puerto Rico it must go it alone,” said MSNBC’s Chris Matthews during another show.

“Late Thursday night, the President of the United States sabotaged a key component of the Affordable Care Act, a move that could have real consequences for 7 million Americans. The White House announced that it would stop paying insurance companies $7 billion in subsidies which experts say would undermine a key pillar of the Affordable Care Act,” said Matthews.

“President Trump’s actions this week are part of a larger pattern of divisive destruction,” said Matthews. What will they say when ‘destroyer’ loses its impact?

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