Hillary’s Friend Exposes How Hillary Was Lying When She Said She Had No Idea About Weinstein

Linda Bloodworth, a Hollywood Producer, creator of the show ‘Designing Women’, and close personal friend of the Clinton’s revealed that she had warned Hillary of Harvey Weinstein’s creepy ways. However, Hillary ignored it. This is contradictory to the claim that Hillary made that she didn’t know about Weinstein.

“I was just sick. I was shocked. I was appalled. It was something that was just intolerable in every way. Like so many people who have come forward and spoken out, this was a different side to a person that I and many others had known in the past,” said Hillary. She was then asked if he got away with it because people knew and didn’t say anything. “Well, I certainly didn’t and I don’t know who did,” responded Hillary.

Linda Bloodworth wrote a story for the Hollywood Reporter called “Linda Bloodworth-Thomason: Lessons from Witnessing Four Decades of Harassment in Hollywood (Guest Column)” where she contradicted Hillary’s claim.

“One of the best friends I will ever have and a man I love dearly, former President Bill Clinton, has certainly taxed my feminist conscience, but always without diminishing my affection. I even helped write his apology to the nation for his own sexual misconduct, was sitting next to him when he delivered it, and believe to this day it was based on something that was none of our business,” she wrote.

“And yes, some may call it hypocritical, but I confess to having had no problem warning at least three top-level Democratic operatives against allowing Harvey Weinstein to host political fundraisers. A warning that evidently (and to the glee of Fox News) fell on deaf ears,” she wrote.

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