Harvey Weinstein Sent A Revolting Suck-Up Letter To Hillary, Called Himself ‘Your Bad Friend’

Once-powerful Pulp Fiction producer Harvey Weinstein recently felkl from grace when reports came out by the dozens of time he sexually assaulted, and allegedly even raped, many young actresses. This has, of course, caused no end of embarrassment for the Democratic party, which has tried to sell itself to American voters as the party that champions women’s rights.

Hollywood decided to try to punish Weinstein to laughably show that they are different from him, stripping him of his membership in both the Academy and the Producers Guild. However, one thing Hollywood liberals deny is the fact that Harvey enjoyed a close relationship with former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

After the reports about Weinstein’s sexual conduct came out, it took days for self-proclaimed feminist Hillary to denounce Harvey. She also claimed to be unaware of him having treated women so despicably. However, there is no shortage of proof about how close he and Hillary were, including a gushing letter Weinstein wrote to her in 2010.

Wrote Weinstein to Hillary’s assistant, “As time moves on, I realize I haven’t seen you and Mrs. Clinton (Hillary) in a long time, but I think of you both often. I don’t know if movie producers are still worthy in your world, but next time you’re in NYC I’d love to see you.” He signed it provocatively, “Your bad friend, Harvey.”

He also said that he had “fond memories” of Clinton watching his movie Shakespeare in Love with him and invited her to watch his then-upcoming film The King’s Speech with him. Replied Hillary to her assistant about Harvey, “That is so sweet. So pls let him know I not only want the movies, including The Tillman Story) but I’ve heard about some of his other projects from Jamie Patricof (Company Men, Blue Valentine) that also sound great.” Do you think Hillary is a hypocrite for palling around with known sexual assaulter Harvey?

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