Breaking: One NFL Team Just Apologized To The Military For Kneeling

It is truly disgusting how many millionaire players on NFL teams protested during the National Anthem in a fit of liberal hysteria. One team, at the very least, seems to feel deep remorse about the grave offense they committed in dishonoring members of America’s military in this way.

Before a game in London against the Baltimore Ravens, the players on the Jacksonville Jaguars went on one knee to show solidarity. Some players stood up as the Anthem began to play, but others on the team remained kneeling. After some reflection, the players appear to have second thoughts about what they did.

Said the Jaguars in a statement, “We want to make it clear that we never intended in any way to show disrespect towards the U.S. military community, first responders, our flag, or our national anthem. We love and respect everyone who serves and has made sacrifices for the United States in the past, today and the future. That is especially true in our hometown of Jacksonville.”

Mark Lamping, the President of the Jaguars, later sent a letter to the director of military affairs and veterans in the city of Jacksonville to apologize for having insulted America’s military this way. He stated that his team was “remiss in not fully comprehending the effect of the national anthem demonstration on foreign soil has had on the men and women who have or continue to serve our country.”

He added, “This was an oversight and certainly not intended to send a message that would disparage you, our flag or our nation. The notion never entered the minds of our players or anyone affiliated with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but today we can understand how the events in London on September 24 could have been viewed or misinterpreted.” Lamping concluded, “We owe you an apology and hope you will accept it.” Can the Jaguars be forgiven for this?

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