Trump tweets about NY Times

For many people, Sunday is a day for relaxation, but not for President Donald Trump. For starters, the commander-in-chief took it to Twitter just recently to voice his disapproval of all the things that don’t sit well with him or his administration and beg for a change. But this time, he didn’t aim for the National Football League, its disrespectful players which stand during the national anthem, or Hillary Clinton has pushed hard against him this past week going as far as to call him an “admitted sexual assaulter.” Instead, he has set his aim at the NY Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker.

This comes after the most recent articles of Baker were filled with criticism against the commander-in-chief, as well as statements which claimed that the POTUS hasn’t done much in the past nine months in office.

But he didn’t stop there, as he wrote a second article which compared Trump to his arch nemesis former President Barack Obama, noting the similarities between Trump’s use of executive orders to Obama’s use during his term.

And following Baker’s little rant, the POTUS decided it was time to face him head on, taking the issue on Twitter and writing his own fair share of comments:

His comments went against everything that the leftist scheme and NY Times supporters defended, and ultimately resulted in liberal snowflakes storming the Social Media and reply section of Trump’s tweets. Unfortunately for them, things didn’t go as planned for them as conservative supporters of the president immediately launched in to show their support.



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