Saints Fans Boo After Players Kneel Before The Anthem, Then Cheer After Players Stand

Most of us are aware of the current situation revolving around the NFL protesters who kneel during the national anthem, however, this Sunday, one team took it to a whole new level that nobody has ever seen before, and it wasn’t even during the national anthem.

The entire twist of events took place when several Saints players took a knee and turned heads with their timing, before the kickoff of the New Orleans Saints vs. the Detroit Lions game took place, even before the presentation of the American flag. Details revealed that the players had in mind to take a knee during a moment of silence, for a murdered police officer named Marcus McNeil, who unfortunately left behind two children and was slain while on duty, just two days before the game took place.

Fans however, outraged from the protests and urging the players to take their protests outside of the court, rained down on boo’s for the players, making the moment of silence, not that silent.

McNeil was described by his nephew as a man who was devoted to his job and “loved every minute,” adding how “it was almost like he felt like a superhero,” explaining “he wanted to go out and save the city. He truly loved his job.”

And instead of standing to honor the fallen police officer who gave his life for the safety of the American citizens, the overpaid players took a knee. But little did they expected, that crowds of people stormed the Social Media websites, especially Twitter, to rage down with their outrage:


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