Kickoff and empty seats in NFL

After President Donald Trump took it upon himself to publicly declare his harsh stance against the protesting players of the NFL which disrespected the national anthem, flag and primary American values, to show their protest to “racial inequality,” he was faced with even more protests from the players.

But that was the moment when the outraged people and NFL fans stepped into the situations, making clear that they side with the commander-in-chief on this one, and not with overpaid players who throw dirt in the face of our military and soldiers risking their lives on a daily basis for our safety.

Not only did the people started storming the Social Media sites to make their voice heard, but they also took a step further, buying seasonal tickets only to burn them later on, leaving the NFL stadiums almost empty, and making sure to tune out during the TV broadcast of the games, thus contributing to overall record low ratings.

From what can be seen above, the trend of leaving the seats empty is still taking place, but it isn’t the only problem that the league is facing. After Trump called out the NFL team owners and urged them to fire any player which protested the national anthem, several major sponsors as well as many smaller ones have made the ultimate call to pull their advertisements from the league’s games, which only spells more bad news for the teams.

While it is unclear how long these protests will last, chances are that the league itself won’t last for very long if they keep going this way.


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