Hillary Just Got Booed And Called A ‘Fascist’ As She Was Getting An Honorary Degree, It’s Brutal

It is hard to believe that any university, no matter how liberal, would want to associate itself with an embarrassing two-time presidential election loser like Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Nonetheless, Swansea University in Wales, Great Britain decided to give her an honorary doctorate. They even went so far as to rename their campus’s College of Law as the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law. This is obviously a politically oriented move, as the British university is clearly honoring Hillary Clinton to thumb their nose at Republican U.S. President Donald Trump.

Unfortunately for Hillary, things did not go as planned for the ex-First Lady. When Hillary arrived at the university’s campus and stepped out of the vehicle that brought her there, somebody in the crowd yelled out “Fascist!” as news cameras rolled. Beyond this, several loud boos were directed at Clinton.

Laughably, Clinton was given the honorary doctorate by Swansea University on the grounds that she has championed children’s and families’ rights, giving no notice to how she has also championed killing unborn children.

During her speech at the British university, she made sure to take a potshot at the United States during Trump, saying that she still believes “in the value of the European Union,” and then stating, “What’s missing in both of our countries at the moment it seems to me, and what we need more than anything else, is empathy.” During her visit to the United Kingdom, Hillary has also blamed Brexit leader Nigel Farage for somehow causing her to lose the election. Are you glad Hillary got booed in Britain? Watch below:

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