Hillary Clinton Got Destroyed On Twitter

Most of us are familiar with this week’s most trending headlines featuring former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s harsh blow to President Donald Trump, accusing him of being an “admitted sexual assaulter.” But unfortunately for her, in hopes of turning the people against the commander-in-chief, she only ended up humiliating herself on a big scale, as it wasn’t long before the people who stand in support of the president refreshed her memory with one small ironic fact.

During the interview, Hillary took the opportunity to claim Trump committed sexual assault, but shortly after she made her remarks, the Social Media sites were stormed by people who were more than willing to refresh Hillary’s memory that her husband, impeached former President Bill Clinton, was accused of sexual harassment as well.

Hillary based her remarks on a 2005 video which surfaced, which shows Donald Trump being interviewed on the sexual harassment claims. Hillary however, left out the part where the current president mentioned the fact that Bill Clinton had Trump that he had done things far worse than the ones rumors claim he has done.

As soon as her statement hit the internet and made headlines, the responses started coming in, and it wasn’t looking good for Hillary or her husband:

The fiery reactions came in handful, but maybe they will be enough to make Hillary Clinton look at herself and her closest family members such as her husband, before she goes public and starts pointing fingers at someone else.


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