Fake GOP On MSNBC Agreed With Howard Dean After He Called Steve Bannon A ‘Nazi Sympathizer’

Deeply biased liberal mainstream news outlets love to pretend that they are politically neutral. As evidence of this, they each employ a handful of self-proclaimed conservatives to supposedly present a balanced perspective to theor viewing audience.

It is funny, then, that virtually all of these “Republicans,” like Ana Navaro of CNN and Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC, are against Donald Trump despite the fact that he is a Republican sitting president and is advancing a conservative agenda. It is no coincidence that Jeffrey Lord, the sole Trump backer on CNN’s staff, was fired. MSNBC recently proved just how biased it is when it’s phony Republican commentator agreed with a statement that Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon is a “Nazi sympathizer.”

The network recently brought on extreme lefty failed presidential candidate Howard Dean to discuss Bannon’s plans to purge the House and Senate of Republicans who are undermining President Trump’s agenda. As Dean’s supposed foil, MSNBC also brought on a Republican strategist named Susan Del Percio.

Stated unhinged screamer Dean in a baseless ramble about Bannon, “Why are we paying attention to Steve Bannon? He’s basically a Nazi sympathizer who’s spouting off at a Christian Coalition meeting. Who cares? He’s not in the White House anymore. Thank God for that. I wouldn’t pay any attention to him at all. Let him do what he’s going to do. It’s just gossip, and he’s basically a twit.”

Instead of shutting Dean down for his disparaging remarks, Del Percio replied, “Except for the — with the one exception of — I agree with all the statements you made about Steve Bannon.” She added, “But he does have resources and he can really hurt the Republican party.” After Howard concurred, she continued, “And that, as a Republican, is something I am very, very concerned about because that goes to our core as a country on our democratic values.” Do you think this MSNBC commentator is a fake Republican? Watch below:


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