Donald Trump Jr. challenges NFL star who threatened to quit if forced to stand for Anthem

Rishard Matthews, the Tennessee Titans wide receiver made a bold statement recently, going out of his way to say that he would quit football if he was forced to stand for the national anthem.

Details reveal that his fast-paced answer came after he was faced with the question whether he would stand or remain in the locker room if the NFL switched up the rules forcing all players to stand and prevent them from protesting. ‘No I will be done playing football,’ wrote Matthews, before he quickly deleted his tweet later on seemingly from a change of mind.

One interesting fact is that Matthews wasn’t one of the players which initially started following Colin Kaepernick’s trend of kneeling during the national anthem, but he immediately caught up on the protesting when President Donald Trump made his harsh stance clear, calling for NFL team owners to fire protesting players during a speech in Alabama back in September.

But not long after he shot his bold tweet, a response came from the commander-in-chief’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, in which the first son urged Rishard to respect his word and quit playing football, but writing “I bet he doesn’t,” as a reference to him being overpaid and not willing to give up his position of power for a protest, when they can always find another way to do so without disrespecting the national anthem and flag.

When asked about retiring, Rishard Matthews said “Not right now,” and has revealed that he isn’t ready to quit football even if the NFL owners make a rule requiring them to stand during the anthem.



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