Colin Kaepernick files grievance against NFL owners

It is no secret that things haven’t been going so well for former San Francisco 49-ers and now a free agent, Colin Kaepernick, ever since he started taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem last year, with the goal of protesting “racial inequality” but while doing so, he was disrespecting the anthem, flag and other primary American values.

The whole thing was not a big concern for many people, until other players from other teams started following his example, eventually all leading to President Donald Trump coming forward and unleashing his harsh stance on the whole matter, urging NFL team owners to start firing players which kneel.

And despite only recently Kaepernick realizing the mistake he had made by deciding to stand against the POTUS and team-owners, Colin doesn’t have a solid plan of coming back into the NFL. He recently admitted that he would stop kneeling if he ever had the chance to play again, but so far, no team has offered to sign him, forcing him to file a grievance against NFL owners for collusion under the latest collective bargaining agreement.

The former quarterback filed the grievance stating that the owners claimed they are participating in collusion to keep him out of the league, but Kaepernick has no proof of this.

Too bad that many players are only now starting to realize their mistake, when the people have expressed their outrage, burning seasonal tickets, leaving stadiums nearly empty, and making sure to tune out of the TV broadcasts of the games.


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