27-year-old victim of Las Vegas shooting, Maryland native Tina Frost, wakes up from coma, takes first steps

There is no doubt that the horrific shooting incident which took place in Las Vegas recently left the nation in shock fearing of what may come next. The incident which happened during a country music concert and ultimately took the lives of more than 50 people, leaving several hundred wounded, was a devastating wake up call that action must be taken against these terrorists, both from outside, and within our borders.

And while nothing can bring back those which were killed, we can only hope that the ones wounded will recover and live to see better days. One of the people which has just recently awoken from a coma and taken her first steps was Maryland native Tina Frost.

Details reveal that Frost woke up on Friday night and just recently made her first steps. A fundraiser was held the next day (Saturday), to help pay for the mounting medical bills for the 27-year-old woman. A Go FundMe page was also set up by a family spokesperson, who revealed that Tina’s first steps consisted of her moving three steps to a chair, and three steps back to bed, with the assistance of nurses, adding that Tina also breathed on her own for six hours.

A spokesperson for the family wrote, “Today has also been a big day for our TT – she is now waking up!” further explaining how, “She opens her left eye just a lil and looks all around the room at us, taps her feet whenever music is playing, continues to squeeze our hands, and even gives [boyfriend] Austin [Hughes] a thumbs up when asked. She sometimes taps to music and also took her first steps today with the assistance of the nurses – 3 steps to the chair and 3 steps back to the bed.”

All we can do now is show our support to Tina and wish her a fast recovery!


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