Rush Limbaugh Tells Harvey Weinstein Why He Should Hire “Bimbo” Hillary Clinton In Hilarious Rant

In a hilarious rant, Rush Limbaugh explains why Harvey Weinstein should consider hiring Hillary Clinton as his attorney. “[I]f you’re Harvey Weinstein or any other man under siege the way he is, that you don’t need to go out and hire the highest reputed crisis PR company. You need to go hire the CEO of bimbo eruptions,” explained Limbaugh.

“The CEO of bimbo eruptions could be of great service to Hollywood’s casting couch movers and shakers. Hillary Clinton is the expert in dealing with this. Hillary Clinton is incomparable. There is nobody that knows how to best destroy women who come forward with these allegations than Hillary Clinton,” said Limbaugh.

“If you’re Harvey Weinstein and you want this to go away, you need to hire the woman who made it go away for the president of the United States, who made it go away for the entire Democrat Party. You need to hire the CEO of bimbo eruptions, and that is Hillary Clinton. There is nobody better,” said Limbaugh.

“You think Harvey Weinstein was a bully? You haven’t seen anything until you are a woman who claimed that Bill Clinton made a move on her and Hillary Clinton got involved. Hillary Clinton is the original bimbo eruptions bully,” he explained.

“If there’s anybody who knows how to get rid of female attackers, women claiming that your husband sexually molested or abused them, it’s Hillary Clinton. You don’t need crisis PR. You need Hillary Clinton. And nobody refuted it. Maybe it’s so damn right on that the best thing they could do was just ignore it,” said Limbaugh.

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