‘ER’ Actress Says Clooney Did Something Awful To Her After She Reported Sexual Harassment

Hardcore liberal George Clooney loves to claim that he’s a champion of the oppressed and a supporter of women’s rights. However, he has been put in a difficult position recently when it came out that Harvey Weinstein, one of Clooney’s closest allies in Hollywood, committed sexual assault on women for decades.

Things have just gotten worse for Clooney, as Vanessa Marquez, one of Clooney’s co-stars on the show ER, has outed how he had her blacklisted when she tried to report sexual harassment that was occurring on the set of the show.

Wrote Vanessa over her Twitter account after George publicly denied knowing about Weinstein’s sexual assaults, “B.S.Clooney helped blacklist me when I spoke up abt harassment on ER. ‘women who dont play the game lose career’ I did.”

When another user asked her what kind of harassment she was talking about, Marquez replied, “Sexual(pussy grabbing)&racial.Mexican jokes EVERY day.Happened to all the women.They chose 2b victims. I fought! ” Getting into specifics about who the harassers were, Marquez stated, “I’ve named them.Pussy grabbers:Eric LaSalle&Terence Nightingall. Racial:Anthony,Noah,Julianna&.Call WB legal.mmmkay!”

She continued about George, “I reported it to WB legal in 1995. Found out about blacklist in ’96.My Agent told me. He was complicit.” Another user chimed in, “You should read the compilation of facts by @McCarthyKnew on Clooney. He IS a monster.” Vanessa concluded, “I know quite a bit but I’d love to know more. Everyone should know The Truth About Clooney.” Do you think she should share the full truth about hypocrite Clooney?

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