British Journalist Just Slammed Hillary To Her Face When She Tried To Blame Her Loss On Russia

Two-time failed presidential also-ran Hillary Clinton cannot seem to stay out of the limelight. Following the period of her November 2016 defeat when she took long walks in the woods and, by her own admission, drank large amounts of wine, she sat down to write a book called What Happened where she tried to understand how Americans could have possibly voted against her.

Now she is on a prolonged book tour promoting the book, and has been interviewed by countless interviewers in puff pieces. However, a British journalist named Matt Frei just gave her an unexpected challenge by calling her out to her face about how she keeps blaming everyone except herself for her election failure.

Stated Frei to Hillary, “Your dynastic appeal or perhaps it was the opposite: The fact that you were called Clinton, the fact that you were first lady basically trumped any novelty — if you forgive the term — of being the first female president of the United States. People looked at your name and your legacy more than they looked at your gender.”

She answered by blaming others, saying, “There were things I must have been able to do differently in order to have won. But at the end, there was this really perfect storm, and so you had the Comey letter and you had the enormous impact of the Russian theft of emails, the release of them by WikiLeaks, basically now a part of the Russian intelligence apparatus, and the weaponization of that. These were all new phenomena.”

Matt then hit her directly, commenting, “So you’re still blaming others more than yourself?” She then completely lied, saying, “No, I take ultimate responsibility, I don’t blame others, but I think it’s important that people understand what happened. It easy to say, ‘Well, you know she wasn’t a good candidate.’ Then why did lead all the way to the end, why did I get nominated overwhelmingly?” Frei then struck back once again, stating, “Did people lie at the polls?” Are you glad this British reporter called Hillary out like this?

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