Sheriff David Clarke Eviscerates National Anthem Protestors In Epic Rant

Sheriff David Clarke eviscerated National Anthem protestors in an epic rant on Hannity. The mainstream media is trying to claim that anyone who feels offense to football players kneeling for the national anthem is actually a racist. Al Sharpton even tried claiming that if you want players to stand than you have a “plantation mindset”.

“It takes approximately two minutes and 12 seconds to sing the national anthem. If the players can’t stand at attention, I’m not even saying they have to put their hands over their hearts, stand at attention, face the flag for two minutes and 12 seconds, it means they’re undisciplined,” said Clarke.

“Roger Goodell has lost control of this thing,” he added. “Now he’s afraid. He’s afraid that if he imposes a policy that they have to stand attention and face the flag they won’t do it and then the question becomes, ‘Now what?’” said Clarke.

However, Al Sharpton continues to make it all about race. “So you have an all-white league of owners making the decisions. Now, you put that with the fact that Jerry Jones takes a knee one day in the name of unity, but says I’m going to bench you if you take a knee. That’s a plantation kind of mentality,” said Sharpton.

“So you can bend on your knee with me, and if I’m writing the script on which you get on your knee for, but don’t you dare bend your knee by yourselves, boys, and think for yourself. Why is he on his knee if a knee should take you out of the game? Jones was on his knee, talking about unity,” said Sharpton. Check out Sheriff Clarke in the video below.

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