‘NBC Is Lying’, Tucker Carlson Just Proved How NBC Covered Up For Harvey Weinstein’s Sex Crimes

Liberals love to believe that they’re on the side of the oppressed, as opposed to conservatives, who they say are, among other things, waging a “war against women.” However, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson just pointed out how liberal media outlet NBC just covered for powerful movie producer Harvey Weinstein over reports that he sexually assaulted numerous women for decades.

Carlson said how NBC worked with “many powerful people” to cover “what Harvey Weinstein was doing.” He referred to reports that NBC’s Ronan Farrow had “conclusively exposed more than a dozen allegations against Weinstein by women who say he sexually harassed, groped, even raped them, but the network killed that investigation.”

NBC’s news division chief Noah Oppenheim went on CNN and claimed that the network “encouraged Farrow to report the story.” Stated Tucker, “Oppenheim says, quote, ‘NBC gave him resources to report that story over many, many months.’” Maybe except for a camera crew when Farrow tried to interview an alleged rape victim.”

He continued, “Oppenheimer says Farrow’s story is, quote, ‘was not the story that we were looking at, we made our judgment.’ Yet another lie as Farrow told Rachel Maddow two nights ago, he’d finished the bulk of his reporting on Weinstein when he went to The New Yorker. That is why the magazine accepted his piece in the first place.”

Added Carlson, “We bet money that her employer didn’t want Rachel Maddow to do that segment, but she did it anyway. Good for her. So, why did a purported news organization kill a blockbuster news story? Well, presumably we will find out at some point. This is a scandal and the truth has a way of emerging from those in the end.” Are you glad Tucker called NBC out for this? Watch below:



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