Judge Napolitano Trashed Hillary On TV For The Huge Lie She Just Told About Taking Money

Two-time failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has always claimed to be a champion of women, and made “breaking the glass ceiling” a central theme of her unsuccessful 2016 presidential bid.

However, Hillary has never been able to convincly account for how she helped her husband Bill Clinton cover up his sexual improprieties, including allegations of rape, while he was Governor of Arkansas. Hillary has now come under scrutiny for her longtime association with accused rapist media mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein is a Democrat and has been one of Hillary Clinton’s most outspoken supporters, having helped raise millions of dollars for her campaigns. Following reports of Weinstein’s sexual assaults, people called on Hillary to return the millions that had been “bundled” for her by Harvey. Clinton asserted that it would be impossible for her to give back this money, saying she would give it to charity.

On Fox and Friends, Andrew Napolitano called Hillary out for this lie, saying, “That is not accurate. If she’s talking about cash [Harvey Weinstein] bundled, where he had a party and people came to the party and each gave the max and he handed the checks to her, there’s a paper trail of all of that.”

He continued, “If he gave money to the Democratic National Committee or a PAC where the amount, there’s no cap on it, there’s a paper trail on that. So there’s certainly a person or an entity to which the money can be given back. What is she going to do with that money? Give it to the Clinton Foundation?” Napolitano also discussed what trouble Weinstein is now facing, saying, “If he’s indicted, tried, and convicted of rape you’re talking about twenty years. You’re talking about a very serious crime.” Do you think Hillary is disgusting for lying about not being able to return money to her sex predator friend? Watch below:


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