Chris Cuomo Just Threw A Hissy Fit On Live TV About How Trump Is An ‘Emperor’, It’s Pathetic

It has been getting to the point where hosts on liberal media networks cannot have a normal, rational conversation about a pressing topic with a conservative without slipping into hysterics. This has particularly been the case with CNN, where host Don Lemon recently started swearing on live television with a conservative guest.

Fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo has also been unable to maintain his composure and keep hsi emotions under wraps, as he showed in an discussion about Obamacare with Republican Congressman Jim Jordan. Cuomo asked Rep. Jordan for his opinion about President Trump cutting Obamacare subsidies, and became angry when Jordan’s answer was not the liberal one he was looking for.

Asked Cuomo of Rep. Jordan, absurdly, “Jim, why aren’t you saying the President is acting like an emperor? And his job is to execute laws that are passed, not write his own and Congress must hold him into account for doing so.”

Later in the show, Jordan told Cuomo directly about Obamacare, “Everything that the Democrats told us about this law has turned out to be false.” Replied a pouting Cuomo, “That’s not true.” Asserted Jim, “Yes, it is! If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Cuomo answered, beaten, “That’s true. That’s fair criticism. But not everything is untrue.”

Rep. Jordan then completely slammed him, stating, “Nine different lies they told us. And we know they were lies because the architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, who the New York Times called the architect of this law, was caught on videotape saying, ‘Yeah, we misled the American people. We told them things that weren’t accurate. We pulled one over.’ The architect told us they lied to us. ‘Like your plan, keep your plan.’ ‘Like your doctor, keep your doctor.’ ‘Premiums will decline.’ ‘Deductibles will go down.’ The President of the United States President Obama, President Obama told us premiums would decline, on average, $2500. Now, how has that worked out for American families?” Do you think CNN needs to hire smarter hosts? Watch below:



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