Conservative groups demand McConnell step down as Senate GOP leader

Several conservative groups’ leaders called in this Wednesday, demanding that Mitch McConnell steps down as Senate majority leader, claiming that the Kentucky Republican as well as the rest of his team should be ousted from their posts as a result of not having implemented the conservative agenda they had promised to the people.

“We call on all five members of the GOP Senate leadership to step down, or for their caucus to remove them as soon as possible,” said the former attorney general of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, who now leads the Senate Conservatives Fund, during this Wednesday’s Capitol Hill press conference.

All of the five leaders come from anti-Republican establishment organization with strong connections to the Tea Party movement, and have long been thorns when it came to McConnel having backed conservative challengers to Republican incumbents in Senate races. They also include representatives from FreedomWorks, For America, and the Tea Party Patriots.

The president of “For America,” David Bozell, stated, “If this was a football team, and you’d lost this many times, you’d start seriously considering firing the coaches,” in what also was a reference to the current NFL situations with the owners.

In a letter they distributed and sent to McConnell, they outlined their criticism of the GOP leadership, writing, “You and the rest of your leadership team were given the majority because you pledged to stop the steady flow of illegal immigration.” The letter goes on to accuse McConnell of doing nothing, despite him having pledged to reduce and eliminate out-of-control deficit spending and having pledged to reduce the size of the oppressive federal government.

And while the leaders didn’t back any specific lawmaker to take up on McConnell’s position and his deputies, they did offer praise to several current senators such as Pat Toomey.


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