Assange makes epic response to Howard Dean’s pro-Clinton Foundation, anti-Trump tweet

Julian Assange, the founder of whistleblower organization Wikileaks, has come in opposition to a statement made by former Vermont Governor Howard Dean after the latter tweeted the rehab of hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico should go to the scandalous Clinton Foundation.

“What we should do is turn over the rehab of Puerto Rico to the Clinton Foundation. They know what they are doing. You have no clue,” Howard Dean wrote.

But Assange would not let this comment go uncensored, responding with: “Brilliant idea! They can use all the money they looted from Haiti.”

Dean’s remarks were in response to several tweets released by President Trump yesterday in which he cautioned Puerto Rico that the military, the first responders, and FEMA — the Federal Emergency Management Agency — cannot stay in the U.S. island ‘forever.’

During the presidential election last year, Assange and his Wikileaks were a major source that revealed the true colors of Hillary Clinton and the likes of her, with one of his primary targets being the notorious Clinton Foundation.

Furthermore, Assange has promised to provide information about the developing investigation into Russia’s alleged election interference, asking only for asylum by the Trump administration in return for the information. But the arrangement fell short of reaching its goal.

Considering everything Assange had disclosed about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation during last year’s election, Howard Dean’s recommendation is way out of place and is downright ridiculous.

It would, however, be a pity if Assange’s efforts in exposing Hillary do not yield the desired outcome to prosecute the Clintons.

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