Seth Meyers attacks Trump supporters in freestyle rap during his show

Eminem blew fans away at the BET Hip Hop awards on Tuesday with a blistering cypher about Donald Trump, and on Wednesday night, it inspired Seth Meyers to write a few lines of his own. Like Eminem, Meyers draws a line in the sand, asking his fans to choose between him and one Donald Trump, and explains the harsh-but-fair consequences of choosing Trump: the loss of Eminem or Seth Meyers’ respect, respectively.

“And I was inspired by that, so tonight, I say to any fans of this show who are also big fans of Donald Trump, it’s time to make a decision” said Meyers. “Get off the fence. Do you support him or do you support this show, that constantly mocks and denigrates everything about him? I know it’s a tough call, but the time has come to make a decision. Now, I’m not much of a rapper, but here it goes. My name is Seth and I’m here to say, if you like Trump, then go away.”

On the show, Meyers said mentioned that at the end of Eminem’s video, which premiered on the BET Hip Hop Awards, the rapper calls on fans of his that support Trump to choose a side. Meyers then played a clip of the video as Eminem ends the rap disparaging fans that are unable to choose.

At the end of the “rap” Meyers threw up a middle finger at Trump supporters, much like Eminem said “f**k you” at the end of his freestyle.

The Detroit rapper challenged his fans at the BET Hip Hop Awards to “decide who you like more” — Eminem or Trump. He has slammed the President previously in the nine-minute 2016 freestyle “Campaign Speech” and in Big Sean’s “No Favors.”

This is how Hollywood treats the people that support President Donald Trump. Obviously, if you disagree with Hollywood’s point of view, you have a target on your back!

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