President Trump On Corker “World War III” Jab – “We’re On The Right Path”

This Tuesday, President Donald Trump hit hard against the comments of a GOP senator Bob Corker who went public with the goal of raising panic and tensions with his claims saying that his leadership are putting the nation directly on the path to World War III. And while some leftist took this claim seriously, others who actually kept track of the work and effort Trump and his administration have put into their months in office simply brushed off the statements, laughing at the sheer irony of the whole thing.

The POTUS quickly struck back at those claims, calling the GOP senator off, saying that the nation has been on the wrong path before he took office under the leadership of former President Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as other leaders which came before that recklessly used their position of power for personal benefit, saying, “We were on the wrong path before — all you have to do is take a look — for the past 25 years,” before he attended a meeting in the Oval Office with the former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

He added, “We were on the path to a very big problem. We’re on the path right now, believe me.”

While his take on the comments were harsher at first, he decided to brush the remarks off with a softer tone during his meeting with Kissinger, saying, “I don’t think so at all,” and adding, “It’s politically very positive and the people of the country want it,” when asked about Corker’s comments.


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