Experts fear North Korea may have committed a cyber attack against US power companies

With the rising tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, there was no escaping some foul play from one side.

According to U.S. cybersecurity experts Tuesday, hackers working for the North Korean government have taken aim at U.S. power companies with spear phishing emails, according to the Daily Mail.

FireEye is an internet security company which stated that different electric companies received a number of emails that is part of a suspected cybersecurity breach.

The emails were invitations to an alleged fundraiser and made the readers compelled to download the file in order to see the invitation. All who have downloaded the attachment would have infected their computer with a virus that would’ve therefore allowed access to the power company network.

The company (FireEye) stated that this was not the first time North Korea has attempted a cybersecurity attack.

“North Korea linked hackers are among the most prolific nation-state threats, targeting not only the US and South Korea but the global financial system and nations worldwide.”

The company goes on to say that North Korea’s stance on hacking other countries reflects how they behave toward their own nuclear and ballistic missile program, not paying attention to sanctions or other undesired repercussions that may come as a result of their actions.

“Their motivations vary from economic enrichment to traditional espionage to sabotage, but all share the hallmark of an ascendant cyber power willing to violate international norms with little regard for potential blowback,” FireEye stated.

C. Frank Figliuzzi, a former head of counterintelligence at the FBI, said the threats of a potential cyber attack by North Korea are increasing. “This is a signal that North Korea is a player in the cyber-intrusion field and it is growing in its ability to hurt us.”

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