Controversial Video Of Jimmy Kimmel Just Emerged

It is no secret that the leftist and liberals alike have been so focused on sexual harassment claims when it came to former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and even went as far as to attempt and push a similar story on Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, all with the goal of undermining him and decreasing his chances of victory. One of the people who didn’t hold back on constantly repeating these allegations was one and only late night host Jimmy Kimmel, now famous for following the all-familiar liberal scheme of using air-time to bash the commander-in-chief with outdated jokes.

But just as any sweet dose of Karma, Kimmel’s one also packed quite the punch for the leftist host, as his own past unpleasant and cringe activities for attention have come back to haunt him and his career. In a video which surfaced only recently, the Anti-Trump comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel’s sexual misconduct from the past emerged and it isn’t looking good for him.

In the video, Kimmel urges a number of women to play a game with him, where they have to touch his genital area in order to find out what he has hidden there. However, the thing which perhaps left the most people outraged was the fact that Kimmel even said to one of his ‘players’ to “put your mouth on it.”

In the midst of sexual harassment accusations putting people out of business and ruining careers, Jimmy Kimmel can be facing quite the career drop.


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