Proposed border wall prototypes were constructed in San Diego

If there was one thing which defined President Donald Trump’s campaign run, and one thing which specifically left an impression in the terrified people of the U.S. when it came to drug smugglers and illegal criminal immigrants, it was the then-Republican candidate’s proposal of constructing a border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, all with the goal of cracking down on illegal immigration and drug smuggling.

And recently, people realized we were closer to building the wall than ever before, when news broke out that construction has started with the prototype of the wall. Today, those news have been shown to be of great significance, as the prototype was just finished with construction, and many people got to see the wall before it was completed, as two blocks of the chosen prototype stood out in San Diego, California.

Despite facing major opposition from the left as well as critical comments from foreign leaders coming from Canada, Mexico and Europe, for his border wall, the president has still stood his ground hard and pushed all of his effort into delivering his major promise to the American people.

Aside from doing everything in his power to get the construction of the wall going, the POTUS has also worked day and night into strengthening the ICE to help crack down on illegal immigration, by sending teams to conduct nation-wide operations and arrest undocumented immigrants. Unlike the efforts of the Obama administration which had little to no effect, Trump’s work has actually resulted in thousands of undocumented criminals being deported and put behind bars.


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