VFW cancels NFL subscription

Following the situation filled with tension revolving around the recent NFL scandal which includes protesting players and leftist supporting these actions which disrespect the primary American values, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post in Florida has just done something which delivered a low blow to the league.

According to details, the VFW had canceled its NFL Sunday Ticket subscription in the midst of ongoing protests of the national anthem during the most recent games.

The VFW Post 10097 commander in Fort Myers revealed this information explaining how even though he is losing money, he isn’t willing to support those who don’t stand during the Star-Spangled Banner ahead of NFL games.

“We’re losing money because we did cancel the package,” revealed Ralph Blydenburgh after he cancelled the subscription to his NFL Sunday Ticket, which was a way to stream out-of-market games to areas which don’t have games broadcast on their local television.

Blydenburgh also stated that he believes people have the right to “voice their options” in this country, but not at the “expense” of others. This is not the first major setback which the league has received in the past few weeks, with many outraged fans burning seasonal tickets, leaving stadiums nearly empty and tuning out of the TV broadcasts, resulting in an overall catastrophic ratings for the NFL, not to mention the fact that major sponsors have also started pulling away their ads.