Verified Twitter Users Just Responded To Jemele Hill Being Suspended

After ESPN host Jemele Hill was suspended from the network for a period of two weeks following her second social media violation, leftist social media users who happily ignore everything the host had done that wasn’t in compliance with the rules have come forward accusing the network of racism.

Hill, who felt as if she was the victim in the scenario, took it to Twitter this Monday urging all of her followers to boycott advertisers for the Dallas Cowboys because head coach Jerry Jones told his players to stand for the National Anthem. Her first violation which was deemed inappropriate but not enough to get her in trouble with the network was when she called President Donald Trump a “white supremacist” over his harsh take on the kneeling NFL players, and now, her fast tongue appears to have gotten her in an even bigger mess.

And there is nothing more the leftist anti-Trump Social Media users love more than getting together and ranting against President Trump, his supporters and networks which don’t tolerate rude and insulting comments, which is why shortly after her suspension was announced, some people took it to Twitter to accuse ESPN of racism, making it seem as if the network suspended Jemele Hill because she was black, and from what can be seen below, these people didn’t hold back on harsh words:



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