Hillary Clinton Has Just Released A Series Of Tweets

Following the scheme of President Donald Trump where he takes the matters which the mainstream media wont cover and discusses them on Twitter, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decided to release a series of tweets in which she covers several topics of her own.

In her first tweet, Clinton turned at the media for not giving enough coverage to the fact that Congress missed the deadline to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program, before releasing another tweet in which she claimed that back when the two parties worked to pass CHIP, it covered and still covers 9 million kids.

Her third tweet was a video of a young girl named Sara, whose life has been changed by CHIP according to Hillary.

But she quickly switched from sentimental to attack mode when she released her next post urging everyone to give notice to parents that their children’s insurance is in “jeopardy.”

In her last post, she wrote the number of the Congress, urging the people to make a call and “tell them we must work together to get this done.” 

Now, for many people it is clear that Hillary has switched to playing a concerned mother after all of her other schemes failed miserably, but she was nowhere to be found when ObamaCare was put in motion, which was far worse than having no healthcare at all.

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