Actor Michael Rapaport insults VP Pence for walking out of Colts game

It is no secret that Vice President Mike Pence’s decision to leave the stadium this Sunday during a Colts game after the players took a knee drew national attention, however, as much as there were people who supported his action, with one of them being President Donald Trump himself, there were also people who condemned his move. One of them was Michael Rapaport, who recently weighed in on the VP’s decision, releasing a video in which he uses some strong language to explain his views:

While the larger part of the video mostly revolves around Rapaport thinking that Pence’s opposition to gay marriage as well as several other topics defined as gay issues mean he is a closeted homosexual, the beginning of the video is all about the VP’s decision to leave the stadium, calling him a “selfish f**k, you,” and explaining how he should have given the tickets to somebody who would have appreciated them.

But no, the failed actor wasn’t done just yet, continuing his rampage with hateful comments and disgusting insults. Not long after the video surfaced, social media backlash immediately hit Rapaport, who this time clearly took it a step further.

The whole thing came as a fiery response to the VP’s speech released later this Sunday in which Pence explained that President Trump and he will not dignify “any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem.”

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