Hillary Lectures President Trump on Disaster Response Times Based on Her Experience as Secretary of State

During her most recent public appearance in Jimmy Fallon’s late night show, former Secretary of State and failed Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton once again used the public opportunity to launch a low blow against President Donald Trump.

This time however, Clinton specifically had the commander-in-chief’s response to Puerto Rico in mind, criticizing it for not being quick enough. She also added that she watched the administration’s response to the devastating Hurricane Maria and was upset at how long it took them to send the naval assets to bring food, water, and other supplies to the people.

But as if that wasn’t enough, Hillary also launched a low attack on the POTUS, apparently for tweeting and golfing too much, saying, “If [Puerto Ricans] aren’t the highest priority of your government in responding to such a terrible natural disaster, what are you people spending your time doing, right?” before shortly after answering her question, adding, “Golfing, tweeting, watching cable TV? I mean, find some time to tell the Navy to get down there, and rescue people, and provide food, and provisions, and medical care.”

Hillary added that she had overseen disasters while being secretary of state, and responding swiftly, explaining how she knew what “we’re capable of doing.” Unfortunately, not many Social Media users, especially on Twitter, agreed with her words.

The video of Clinton bashing Trump can be seen below:

source: usanewsflash


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  1. Hmm… coming from the Benghazi murderer herself… the height of hypocrisy talking to the dumbed down followers who nod and salivate at any sound she makes…

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