NFL Players Team Up With George Soros To Fund Leftwing Groups

The Washington Times reports: NFL players’ union teamed up with George Soros to fund leftist advocacy groups

The NFL has been facing some very tough times ever since the players decided to start protesting during the national anthem. They seem to think that kneeling during the anthem is  going to change something in this country. Well, that is not the case and will only move to make even more people angry. Sadly, it looks like they will continue on in this path going forward. But not without their fair share of consequences. We have written about the falling ratings and bad fan attendance.

All of those things will be getting worse as long as the protests continue. Now if you are wondering why the Players’ Association is not doing anything to keep the players from protesting in this way, it is because they are just as liberal as the players.

Reports now show, based on tax documents, that the association made a donation of $5,000 to the Center for Community Change Action, which is aa George Soros funded and very anti-Trump organization.

They also gave to AFL-CIO’s community organization, Working America. According to reports, this group gave $1 million to beat President Trump during the 2016 election. That shows that these people are every bit as liberal as their players and are not going to do anything to stop the protests.

The NFL is just now starting to feel the burn of their decision to let their players kneel during the anthem. Viewership is down and falling after every game. They had better be careful or they might find themselves unable to come back from the boycott.

The fact that these people donated to only far-left organizations should tell you a lot about how they operate. They are not trying to make their organization successful, they are trying to push their agenda.

George Soros is everywhere and it should not surprise anyone to see him involved in this NFL problem. He has shown himself in many different areas over the years. And he knows where to go to do the most damage to conservatives.

If they NFL wants to continue being successful, they will make some big changes going forward.

source: worldpoliticus


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