NFL Gets Huge Surprise After Playing A Game With No Protests!

The NFL has been learning that their vague attempts at change are no going to fly with their audience and fan base. Most people would agree that Americans have the right to protest if they so choose. The problem here is that these players, who get paid millions of dollars a year to play football, are disrespecting the nation’s flag. They have been choosing to kneel during the national anthem in a move that has angered people all over the country.

Now they are learning the hard way that this kind of sick behavior cannot continue. Their fans have stopped watching the games on television in an attempt to boycott the league. They will not stand for this kind of behavior. The ratings for the games have been going down substantially ever since these protests began and it looks like they will continue to go down as long as players are kneeling.

But the NFL did just get a glimpse at what could happen if the protests stop completely. For Thursday Night Football, no players from either the Buccaneers or Patriots knelt during the playing of the national anthem. Now it has been announced by the NFL Network that ratings for the game went up 26 points from last year’s Week 5 game.

The only reason possible for this jump would be the lack of protests. If you look at the numbers between the two games it seems obvious. If they want the ratings to go up, they need to stop the protests.

It cannot be ignored the fact that not even a single player from either team took a knee. That has to at least be a part of the ratings boost. Otherwise, we would have seen the same things that we have been seeing for so long. The NFL is in trouble and it appears that they are finally starting to notice.

The boycotts will continue as long as the players make the decision to protest. Until then, they can expect to see ratings and fan attendance drop significantly.

What do you think about this news coming out of the NFL?

source: worldpoliticus


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